Can you find the Paper Town?


Can you find the Paper Town?

A Multigenre Paper on Paper Towns by John Green

By: Taryn Peltier

Table of Contents

-Dear Reader- 


-Help us Find Her- 


-Is Risk Taking Apart of Growing Up?- 


-Little Help?- 


-Q’s SECRET “Diary”- 


-Journey to Margo- 


-Quentin and Jeremy Show- 


Dear Reader

In John Green’s Paper Towns there is a lot of risk taking. Quentin Jacobsen goes through thick and thin so that he can find Margo Roth Spiegelman, the girl he has had a crush on since she moved there in their childhood years. Margo is known for getting into mischief. One day after years of not speaking to Q, she arrives at his window one night to take him out to help her out. That night Q stepped way beyond his comfort zone, which later on actually ended up benefiting him.  

This MGP was very fun to make, I’d make another one for sure. But it wasn’t all just fun. There were some challenging parts, for me the most challenging part was trying to figure out which genres fit in with the book the most. Another challenging part is how I was actually going to tie the book in with the genre I chose. I based this whole MGP off one theme, that theme was coming of age helps your realize that you find yourself by taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone. I’d say that my favorite part of writing this paper was seeing the end product.  

I hope that you enjoy reading this MGP 


Taryn Peltier 



Help Us  Find Her



Name: Margo Roth Spiegelman 

Hair: Chestnut brown, just below the shoulder 

Eye Color: Blue 

Height: About 5″5 

Description: Margo Roth Spiegelman is a very adventurous person, she is known for running away. She always comes back. Her parents believe that this is her way of getting attention. Margo is also known for being fearless, therefore she is a big risk taker. 


*If found contact the Orlando Police @ 1-657-983-3658*


*Margo’s Parents @ 1-243-967-1342* 



Is Risk Taking Apart of Growing Up?

      In Paper Towns Quentin shows that he’s not usually one to step out of his comfort zone, but once Margo disappeared Quentin did everything he could even if that meant doing things he knows he shouldn’t be doing. Quentin wasn’t the only one that showed examples of taking risks, his friends also showed that they took risks as they grew up.  

     One of the risks that was taken in Paper Towns was the night that Quentin went out with Margo. Quentin and Margo went to the Sun Trust Building while it was closed, they went to a closed water park/marine land, also when it was closed. With all of that Quentin also stole his parents car in the middle of the night to complete these tasks. He got in late which made him wake up late the next day. His waking up led to him almost getting to school late which would’ve broke his perfect attendance record. All of this shows me how John Green showed some growth in Quentin in the book Paper Towns. In my opinion if Margo hadn’t taken Quentin out that night, he wouldn’t have loosened up, he still would have been a very “uptight” person. 

     There was another risk that was taken in Paper Towns and that was when Quentin, Radar and Ben would go into the abandoned mini-mall to look for clues. They were positive that maybe she was staying there, she wasn’t but that’s what they thought. When going into that mini-mall they would look for anything they can possibly find so that they can prove that she has been there. The reason why this would be considered a risk is because that building was obviously not safe, as it was abandoned. That building was probably unstable. So in my opinion that was the second risk that was taken in Paper Towns.  

     The last risk that was taken was when Quentin decided to take his friends on a road trip to find Margo. Quentin and his friends took his parents car and left without anyone knowing. With going on this road trip, they all missed graduation and Quentin also broke his perfect attendance record. I think that this risk was one that will help them realize that they don’t always have to follow their parents rules. 

     In conclusion, in Paper Towns many instances of taking risks were shown. I stated three of these instances but there are a lot more. All of these instances show how stepping out of your comfort zone will help you find yourself.  




Little Help?

Hey Margo, I really hope you see this. I really need your right now.. And  I just wanted to say, I need a hand. Remember the night you took me out? I felt great that night. I want to feel like that everyday.. Any advise on how I can do that? 



Hey Q, I know that you’re probably looking for me right now, I’ll start off by saying that I’m okay!! I don’t want you to worry about me. Anyways I’m just going to get to the point, Q you need to loosen up. The. night you came out with me to get back at all of those people, you were different. I think that Q is the Q that should be around more often. You stepped beyond your comfort zone that night, I think that night I seen the real you, and that is what everyone should see, you need to do that by taking more risks and don’t be so, scared to do things. Step out of your comfort zone little by little everyday… Then I’m sure you can thrive to be the best you.  

See ya, 




Q’s SECRET “Diary”

Dear Diary,

Hey, Quentin here. So do you remember how I said that Lacey, Radar, Angela, Ben and I are going on this road trip so that we can find Margo. Well since we left I’ve been starting to feel different, so I just wanted to write about it. I feel like I have changed since this whole thing started. I finally feel like I have stepped out of my comfort zone a little. Margo, she has changed me in a way. I always felt like there was only one way to act, that way was how my parents taught me (aka only following their rules and their rules only). I feel like now that I have started to take these, risks? I don’t know if that’s the right word but anyways, I have been starting to think that I have finally found myself. I feel really great about it….. anyways it’s my turn to drive, Radar has been bugging for it to be my turn, it is hour 8 after all.



 Journey to Find Margo

 When growing up you need to take risks, in Paper Towns that is exactly what Quentin did. Quentin was so devoted to going to school and not breaking his perfect attendance record. But once Margo disappeared, Quentin was determined to find her even if that meant taking a risk. He went on a road trip with his friends which is something he would not normally do. With going on this road trip Quentin and his friends miss graduation. They left without their parents knowing, and Quentin also took his parents car without them knowing . All of this explains Quentin and his friends taking risks and stepping out of their comfort zones as they show growth.  


Quentin and Jeremy Show

Authors Note: Chelsea and I created a character conversation, we joined our two protagonists together and found their similarities to get them to have a conversation.


T: Hi I’m Taryn.
C: And I’m Chelsea and today we are doing a character conversation with Taryn’s Character Quintin, and My Character, Jeremy.

*Intro music*

T: Hi I’m Quintin!
C: And I’m Jeremy and welcome to the Quintin and Jeremy show.

T: Today we will be discussing what is the right way to come of age. In my opinion the best way to come of age is to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. How about you?

C: I don’t really think taking risk can lead to success or evolving. It kinda just mess me up in the process of me becoming a newly evolved person.

T: Well, that your opinion. Anyway In my opinion the reason why taking risk and stepping out of your comfort zone helped me is because I was always following one way to live, which was my parents rules only. And I was one to be very intelligent in my ways of thinking all throughout my school years. Anyways, I feel that once Marco left I started to do a lot absurd things to go and look for her because I felt like a new person after I went out with her that one night. I think she helped me find myself by taking me out that night to take risks. And ever sense then I been feeling I am on top of the world. That is why I think that stepping out of my comfort zone is a good way to come of age.

C: you have a very strong opinion, about taking risks ,but mines more about laughing at yourself later on In life where you can actually see that you evolved because throughout most of my high school years I as pretty un-cool. I found that I used this thing to help me get people to like me and notice me. And it ended up messing  me up. I did stuff that I wouldn’t do if I wasn’t using the squip. At he end of it all I’m going to change things up. My way of life and ended p laughing at how foolish I was.


T: Hmm, I see. Well I think that other people have different ways of growing up or coming of age. Because we both have different opinions. And I’d say people can hop on either side of these opinions and yeah, I think that’s all for today


C: Yes indeed


T: Aaaaannnnddd, see you next time


Together: BYEEEEE

Audio and voice recording >>




When you come of age there are different understanding of how you do that. But John Green believes that the right way to come of age is to take risks. Not necessarily all bad risks but just on that will make you step out of your comfort zone a little bit. This isn’t always the best way to do it but, for others it works just fine. I hope this M.G.P helped you think about what way you’d like to use to come of age.



Explanation of Genres

Eye Witness Report

I chose to do a missing person report because it ties in very well with the book because Margo disappears a lot and everyone’s goal is to find her. In the book they do get the police involved in trying to find Margo when she disappeared. 


An essay was included in this M.G.P because I needed to express my opinion on the theme that I chose so that it’s clear to the people reading this M.G.P

Advice Paragraph

I included an advice paragraph because throughout the book Margo would always be telling Q that he needs to “loosen up a bit”. To me and advice paragraph was the best thing to fit that part of the novel.

Diary Entry

I decided to add a diary entry into the M.G.P because Quentin does a lot of thinking to himself. I decided to add a thought that he might’ve had and turned it into a diary entry.


The visual I added was a map because they go on a road trip to find Margo. On the road they used a map and they marked what they were going to be doing during each hour of the trip.

Character Conversation

I did a conversation because I wanted to put two books together to show how they can have a different opinion on something that happened to each character in both books. And how they can resolve a conflict to having different opinions.



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